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Value Investing Spreadsheet

The GWV Company Analysis Spreadsheet provides a checklist driven, very detailed, company analysis and valuation. Powered by our database of thousands of companies.

Well worth the value of your subscription on its own.

Online Valuation Tools

Online Valuation Tool

We provide online valuation tools to enable the calculation of the Intrinsic Value of a company using the Graham Formula, Discounted Cashflow Method, and Dividend Discount Method.

Premium subscribers are able to access the Integrated version of this tool; just select your company and let the GWV database  do the rest.

These valuations are incorporated into our screener with default parameters. Screen by intrinsic value!

Company Fundamental Data

We provide 20+ years of company accounts including Income Statements, Balances Sheets, Cashflow Statements, and Key ratios for over 4,800 stocks… and counting.

Export them to csv and create your own analysis.

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Spreadsheet API

Access the GWV database directly from your own spreadsheets.

Competitive Analysis

Fundamental analysis needs to be undertaken in context as industry specific characteristics will determine what is a good or bad ratio.

Remove the guesswork with  Ratios extracted and filtered from our database of  thousands of stocks.

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FRED Data Extractor Spreadsheet

Use our FRED Data Extractor Spreadsheet to access the vast FRED database and download thousands of economic indicators for 243 countries and territories.

Market Conditions Spreadsheet

Get a Macro perspective from dozens of charts and business cycle checklists. 

How to Value a Company eBook

Through this eBook I hope to simplify the valuation process for the novice investor by deciphering the sometimes confusing and complex information offered in many investment publications and setting out an easy to follow, step by step process in how to value a business. 

Personal GWV API Key

Access the Growth With Value Database with your personal API Key. Premium Members receive 1,000 calls per day. You can find your API Key on the Accounts page.

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