An Introduction to the Stock Market - Free eBook!

The purpose of this eBook is to help the new investor to better understand what the stock market is and how it works. We will look at the different types of investors as well as some different strategies, after first explaining the basics of how the market functions.

How to value a Business - eBook!

Through this eBook I hope to simplify the valuation process for the novice investor by deciphering the sometimes confusing and complex information offered in many investment publications and setting out an easy to follow, step by step process in how to value a business. It includes some valuable content, not only on how to value a business but also how to create a checklist and which items to include, how to calculate your Discount Rate or Investor’s Required Return, what is a Margin of Safety and how to calculate it, how to use a Stock Filter including my own filters that I use plus many more helpful tips and in depth real like company analyses.

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